Friday, January 23, 2009

Downloaded Windows Live Mail

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the virtual zone, Microsoft gets rid of Outlook Express and replaces it with a monstrous agent. One that takes care of all your virtual activities -- even blogging. I forgot that I had a blog on Live Spaces or whatever the heck it's call but MS reminded me and even gave me some software to update it.

Will I continue to update it? That's always the question because I can't depend on MS to remind me -- or maybe I can. I haven't found the function yet. But what I did find with Live Mail is:

A new email client - one that allows Mail Rules and also lets me receive from my GMail account.

This blogging software - which, depending on how this goes, will let me easily update my blog.

A photo thingy - which I have very little use for but is probably functional.

A new version of messenger - I never use messenger anyway so who cares.

If you wanted to download Live Mail and reap the "benefits" as I am right now. Just look for the link in the email that Microsoft sent me. I have it right here:

Dear Microsoft Outlook Express customer,

You may have received an e-mail from us letting you know

that Microsoft is planning to retire the DAV protocol that

Outlook Express uses to access Windows Live Hotmail. In

response to customer feedback requesting more time to evaluate

alternative solutions, we have decided to postpone retiring

DAV and we are investigating other alternatives for accessing

Windows Live Hotmail via Outlook Express. This means that if

you use Outlook Express to access your Windows Live Hotmail

account, you will continue to be able to do so beyond the

previously announced June 30 transition deadline. We will be

sure to update you once we have additional plans to share and

early enough in advance to help ensure a smooth transition in

the future.

Additionally, Outlook Express customers that use Windows Vista

or Windows XP are always welcome to download and use our next

generation free email client, Windows Live Mail, providing the

familiarity of Outlook Express and much more. You can download

the new client at

We appreciate your feedback, and encourage you to continue to

provide it.


Windows Live Mail Team

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